Boston Harbor Brunch Cruise

Cruising around the Boston Harbor on a huge ship with a glass of champagne, I felt like royalty.


This was our Sunday afternoon on the Odyssey. I was offered an afternoon brunch cruise the weekend my mom came to visit and it was perfect! She got to see the city, have brunch, and share in the blogger activities.

This was the view from our table, through the window.


This was a brunch cruise, but they had lots of different types of food.

I started at the first station: Pastries, Fruit, and Salmon

We then worked our way to the Belgian Waffle Station where the staff prepared waffles for us and then we selected the toppings:  berries, whipped cream, pecans, syrup, chocolate.

They also had more breakfast options of Eggs, Potatoes, Bacon, Sausage

A brand new item added to the cruise is the Bloody Mary Station.

I’m not a big bloody mary fan, but I wanted to try it out. There were lots of choices, including the vodka selection, the tomato juice, and all the pickled vegetables and toppings.

My selections!

Also, remember to take a break and enjoy the scenery.

Then go back and eat more!

Lunch options were chicken, tilapia, curried vegetables, penne pasta primavera, or a stop at the carving station for sirloin. They also had caesar or garden salads.

Don’t forget dessert. They had a selection of cakes…..

And also a chocolate station where you can pick different chocolates and snacks to dip in the chocolate.

By that time, we were full and wanted to walk around and enjoy more views of the city. The entire cruise was 3 hours, with 2 hours of actual cruising to allow for guests to arrive.

Here’s a view looking back at the ship. After we docked, the crew came out to greet us while disembarking from the ship and gave us a treat! (I’m leaving that a surprise).

My mom was in Boston for over a week and we did lots of activities, but she said that this was one of her favorite things. I, too, had a blast. The ship and scenery were fantastic!

Disclaimer: I received this cruise and meal for free but these are my own opinions.


  1. How awesome that your Mom was able to go with you. What a wonderful way to see the city & such a gorgeous day. Made me feel good seeing the sun, water & the great food. Loved the picture of you two.


  2. Your mother’s hair is so pretty!! Loved the photo of the two of you too. And the food–WOW!!
    And, of course, the boat and all the water. Great times!!
    take care,


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