King Richard’s Faire

A few weeks ago we headed to Carver, MA for King Richard’s Faire. This is not like anything I’ve ever attended before.


Part entertainment, animal show, carnival, concert, magic show, comedy show, and horse show all in 1 wooded area! And I can’t forget about the food options! And the people watching!

Entertainers were dressed up in Renaissance-era costumes, along with other guests.

This is an annual faire and in 2014 it runs weekends until October 19th, including Columbus Day Monday October 13th. It opens at 10:30am and closes at 6:00pm.  We pulled into the huge open field to park just after 10:45 and stayed until 2pm.


There were lots of entertainment stages.


Food and shopping area

Another thing that is so neat about it, is that you are really walking around in a wooded area.  You can’t see streets, cars, or other buildings.



The Mud Show was hilarious

The jousting challenge was fun to watch!

The field

Each area of the audience cheers for a particular Knight battling.

The Tiger stage was a popular event. We saw the Tale of the Tiger Big Cat Show

There were also entertainment acts on the path. This was near the front and caught everyone’s attention.


And Garbanzo the Fire Breathing and Juggling guy was awesome!

I tried a video

I didn’t get a picture of the food, but they had anything from turkey legs, chicken fingers, chowder, and pizza.

It really was an interesting and entertaining afternoon! You have 2 more weekends to attend this year!

I was given free tickets to attend, but these are my opinions.


One comment

  1. Your Dad and Angela have a Renaissance Festival near them each weekend for a month once a year. Years and years ago I went with them and Patsy & Pam and had a fantastic time. However, they did not have a Mud Show or Jousting with horses and no Tiger show either. However, they did have lots of people appropriately (sp) dressed and turkey legs and Trolls etc etc etc. Lots of shows too. It was great but nothing like you just went to. WOW!!!


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