Boston Christmas Festival 2014

Have you been to the Boston Christmas Festival before?? I haven’t, but I am planning on going this weekend (November 7th-9th 2014).

If you are going/want to go, message me and I’ll see if we can coordinate a time. I may also have an extra (FREE) ticket  🙂

(I pulled up some of my favorite Christmas photos to get me into the holiday spirit)

Friday: Noon-7pm
Saturday: 10am-6pm
Sunday: 10am-5pm

Location: World Trade Center Boston and Seaport Hotel


I am excited to see what decorating and gift ideas I see- and I also heard about a gingerbread house competition. (Note to Kay: I’ll take pictures of anything interesting for you!!!)

Here’s a link for a coupon: $3 off

Information from their website:

The Boston Christmas Festival is presented by Boston-based Artisan Promotions, Inc., organizers of top-quality arts & crafts shows since 1982.

The premier holiday crafts festival in New England, The Boston Christmas Festival is rated among the top shows in the country by Sunshine Artist, the nation’s leading publication for art and craft show exhibitors, promoters and patrons. Each year, this blockbuster event featuring a charity Gingerbread House Competition draws over 30,000 visitors to Boston’s World Trade Center.

Contact us: Tel: 617-742-3973 or email:
200 Seaport Blvd
Boston, MA 02210

HAHA! I found this too! It’s from Christmas 2012 at my cousin Wendy’s house.

And here’s a picture of snow, driving back to MA 2 year ago.

This was fun to pull out old photos!!  🙂



  1. WOW!!! LOVELY memories!! I love decorated trees too. And snow, of course. Photos like this really makes me want to start wrapping presents!!! (wish I had more of them already bought too)
    Take care, stay warm!


  2. This will be my 1st year attending the Boston Christmas Festival too and I’m looking forward to it!

    It sounds like they’ll be a lot of fun stuff to walk by – so even if I strike out on gift ideas – I’ll get a good walk in.


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