Brunch at Kirkland Tap and Trotter in Somerville

I’ve been wanting to try Kirkland Tap and Trotter (KT & T) for a while, when I found out that the Boston Brunchers were invading invited, I got super excited. Chef Tony Maws is also the chef and owner of Craigie on Main, which is in Cambridge and I’ve heard great things about it.

Boston Brunchers

We sat at a long table with benches on both sides.
Boston Brunchers

We started with sharing some sticky buns.

I was really glad that we ordered them. I was starving. They were a good combination of flakiness, sweetness, and crunchiness!  Look at the inside.

Boston Brunchers

Photo of the brunch section of the menu:


Since we’re the Boston Brunchers, I wanted to order brunch-y food. However, KT & T is known for their burgers! Sooooo.. I did what any other person would do, I volunteered to split items with someone who also wanted to try a few things. Why not?!?!

Orders up!


Someone at the table ordered the frittata ($16). She described that it was more an omelet, with salmon, with a salad on top.


Here was the brunch-y item: brioche french toast with warm apple compote ($16).

It was okay. The thing that stood out was that it was warm and kept it’s temperature while I ate the other shared plate.  It didn’t come with any sides, so I thought it was over priced.

Boston Brunchers

The grass-fed burger with emmantaler cheese, a fried egg, and bacon!
($16 + $2 w/fried egg)


The kimchee Russian dressing was on the side. And the fries were the star of the brunch for me. Yes, the fries. They were crispy- my favorite.

Boston Brunchers

After our meal, I walked around to get a better view. I really liked the decor.


It’s located next to Dali, on Washington Street, just a few minutes from Harvard Square and Inman Square.

Boston Brunchers

Here’s a view of the front looking out at the windows on Washington Street. There is a TV at the bar.
Boston Brunchers

I liked that they had an entry way, so that there were 2 doors to get inside the restaurant. There’s nothing worse than sitting near the door and being cold EVERY time someone enters or exits. The large coat rack is a plus as well. Oh, we also noticed that they had little coat/purse hooks near the tables too.

Boston Brunchers

I had another great meal with great bruncher blogger friends.

Boston Brunchers
Kirkland Tap & Trotter
425 Washington St
Somerville, MA 02143
(857) 259-6585

This meal was provided free of charge, but these are my opinions!


2 thoughts on “Brunch at Kirkland Tap and Trotter in Somerville

  1. pam

    The food looks delicious. Are those prices normal for your area? They seem pricey to me. Do your comments get seen by the restaurant? Or perhaps a person might be thinking of going to the restaurant and then can see your all’s comments? Why don’t think of these things when I see you in person?


  2. Soni

    All the restaurants you visit have wonderful food!! I love the way it’s presented too.
    I’m so glad you enjoy trying new things.
    Take care, stay warm,


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