Eat for free Superbowl Sunday if the Patriots win!

Hi all,

I have to tell you about the promotion that Papagayo is having on Superbowl Sunday- less than 2 days away! On February 1st, 2015, if you call ahead to make a reservation and you purchase a beverage and food by kick off, and the Pats win, your meal is free!

Here’s a link to the details.

I heard about the promotion when I went to brunch a few weeks ago. We also did karaoke!!!  At the Papagayo’s Charlestown, MA location, you can make a reservation and call ahead for karaoke, and if you sing, your brunch is FREE! Visit their website to find out more details.

For brunch, they had a buffet but you can also order off the menu. On the buffet, they had traditional brunch items like eggs, bacon, french toast, but they also had wings, mac & cheese, chicken, and sirloin tips. And a selection of dessert items.



There’s also a bar area to watch the game!

Our table before ordering.

My neighbor Erin’s meal… and the shared french toast.

That was some seriously good french toast. I’ve been trying to cut back on the carbs, so it had been a few months since having any toast but that was really good french toast. I had 2 bites- I swear!

I ordered the Huevos Ranchero ($9), which was described as “Sunny Side Up Eggs on Soft Corn Tortillas with Black Bean Puree, Spicy Ranchero, Crema, Tortilla Strips, Cotija, and Chili Dusted Home Fries.”

I did share with Janelle from We both ordered an entree a split them!
She ordered the Breakfast Quesadilla ($8). It had the Hash Browns, Chorizo, Scrambled Eggs, and Monterey Jack Cheese INSIDE the quesadilla.

Here’s proof we sang karaoke!

Thank you Papagayo’s for hosting us and letting us sing TLC! There is a video clip, but I’ll not post that!!

This meal was provided for free, but these are my own opinions.


One comment

  1. Papagayo’s is really a FUN place!!! That’s a wonderful surprise for their customers!!
    And all you had to do was sing!!! I Love It!!! That restaurant loves their people!!!
    And knows how to get them to return again and again.
    Take care, Stay Warm!!!


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