Lots to celebrate today!

There is a lot of celebrate! The New England Patriots just won Super Bowl 49!
Today also marks my 4 Year Boston Anniversary! That’s right, it’s been 4 years since I moved to Boston. I would have never imagined all that I’ve done and where I am, but that’s life! It’s all about what you make of it!
I won a Tom Brady jersey yesterday and I wore it today! We made some beef and cheese dip. I made Bourbon and Ginger Beer cocktails. Pretty low key.

Earlier today, I had brunch with the Boston Brunchers group!
We shared a few dishes and I had eggs Benedict with short ribs. 20150201-224234.jpg
Between brunch and the Super Bowl, I went shopping at CVS and went to the gym- a few of my favorite things!

Go Pats!!



  1. Go Pats! My MASS-born husband was thrilled with the game last night. And…beef and cheese dip? Yes, please!!! I cannot believe it’s been four years–wow!!


  2. Congrats to the New England Patriots on winning the Super Bowl!!!!
    Also congrats on winning your new teashirt!!! That’s always fun!!!
    And, of course, the great food you had. I used to make Eggs Benedict; always loved them too.
    I wonder how much more snow you received–our paper said over 40 inches with another snow storm coming. Personally, I think that’s UGH!!!
    love you!!!


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