Should, Will

I have been catching myself saying “I should …” or when talking to a friend “We should…”. I really want to do more. Start doing more, spending quality time on things I want to do and with the people I want to. Life is precious and I should purposely do more and sometimes, that requires planning and more accountability.

This is a good time. My 6 month contract is ending and I am converting to a full time employee- hooray for earned time off and healthcare. I am gearing up for my first real vacation in probably over 5 years. We’re going to Cancun for 6 nights at an all exclusive resort. I also won a vacation package so I’ll be planning that in the coming months. I’m starting to look for a house although it’s nearly impossible to find anything in my price range where I am looking. I am getting more serious about health and wellness. I want to blog more and do more things, so that I can blog more and continue the cycle.

I am starting now. I will more often.

I started going back through my photo album on my phone and will share a few things with you. Sorry for not writing a lot. Including pictures from my phone is most easier than typing.

But here you go!
I went to my first book club a few months ago. Tonya organized and hosted it. We read Wild by Cheryl Strayer. I liked it and meeting with others to talk about it. Tonya also had food, beverages and props from the book. The next meeting is next Sunday and I need to get cracking on reading the book. It’s called the Orphan Train.
A few weeks ago, Tony and I went to a local university to see one of Tony’s good friends from college play at concert. His friend from Berklee who current lives in Nashville is touring with Jana Kramer.

I had a “Me” night a few Fridays ago. Tony has been working late on Fridays. So instead of siting on the couch for 3 hours, one evening I drove myself (yea shocking) to Burlington, went to the dollar store (a favorite thing of mine to do), walked around the fabric and craft store, and around again- because I could and I wanted to. I felt so freeeeee! I also had dinner by myself, gasp!!!! 🙂

A few Saturdays ago, I attended a fitness event at a rock climbing place. We didn’t rock climb (I was a little bummed) but I did a mini bootcamp, Pilates, and yoga sessions, and got to catch up with a blogger friend Danielle.

Around St Patricks Day. I volunteered with One Brick Boston at the Cambridge5k event. I volunteered at the December race too. It was a lot of fun, I didn’t have to pay the $40 entry fee but I got some exercise, met other volunteers and partied with them afterward. I am doing another event with them next Friday.


Thanks for sticking around! I WILL write more often!

What’s something that you want to do more of?




  1. I’m so very proud of the woman you have become. Boston is definitely your town! Friends and Family in Louisville enjoy your adventures and challenges. Keep blogging and celebrate your life to it’s fullness.


  2. Let me know what you think of Orphan Train. If it’s the one I’m thinking of, we have it in my library and it’s kind of on my to-read list – of course I have 30+ books on my to-read list to be done by May so any extraneous books will just have to “read” vicariously through others! 😀

    PS – Regarding the “should” vs. “will” issue, one of my friends from college suggested that we strike the word “should” from our vocabulary, especially when it comes to giving advice to others. I hadn’t really given it a lot of thought when it comes to using that word on ourselves but you’re totally right – we all need a lot more of “I will” than “I should!” 🙂


  3. Love this! Two things….you know I’m so jazzed about your Cancun trip. Can’t wait to see pictures. Secondly…you WON a vacation? That’s awesome. You need to put Bermuda on your bucket list. We loved it so much we went back again!


  4. I agree with Mary, but hate to say Boston is your town. We just don’t get to see you much anymore. When you come to Louisville, Erica can take you to the rockwall in NuLu. Marti & Eamon climbed there with Erica. I took pictures & carried water bottles.


  5. I’m thrilled to just be with you on your blog!! You do so much outside of work and share it with us!! Thank you so much!
    You’re wonderful!! And I’m so glad you’re a part of our family too!!!
    hugs always,


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