Where do I begin?

I’ve got all kinds of ideas in my head for blog posts, but I never can seem to get them out.

Here’s a few thoughts, hopefully I’ll write more about each later!

I just got back from a fabulous vacation in Cancun. I took over 700 pictures! Here are a few of my favorites.







Tony is bottling his 2nd batch of wine this afternoon. A few friends are coming over this afternoon to help.

I’m going to an event this afternoon at the Chestnut Hill Square area with some blogger friends.  I went to a fun event at Cambrideside Gallery a few weeks ago. We got our hair done there.

I volunteered a few weeks ago with One Brick Boston at the House of Blues.

I made another pot of french onion soup. I love love love this!

I’ve been enjoying doing my nails with Jamberry! My friend Amy is a consultant

I spent 1 Saturday afternoon exploring local gems, including a bakery,

I took Tony out a few times for his birthday dinner.

I’ve enjoyed being part of Tonya’s book club.

After 6 months as a contractor/consultant, I transitioned to full-time. I brought in some plants.

I got a waffle maker right after Christmas and have been making waffles. I also learned how to make eggs!

I didn’t upload any pictures for March! Hmmm.. I’ll have to see what happened!



2 thoughts on “Where do I begin?

  1. Soni

    Loved the photos of Cancun. You both looked very relaxed & happy. Your french onion soup looked tasty! And your nail polish!!! Wow, did you decorate your nails too? I assume you have a special tiny brush?
    What kind of ice cream dessert did Tony have for his birthday? I bet it was ‘yummy!’
    Your plants for work are beautiful-I’ve never tried to grow orchids-is it hard?
    I’ve always loved waffles!!!!
    Thanks for the wonderful update!!!!


  2. pam

    I feel like Soni said everything I wanted to say. Cancun is a beautiful place. I would love to try your onion soup sometime. I also love yours & Tony’s beautiful smiles. Makes me smile seeing them. Keep enjoying life to the fullest. Love Ya


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