First time experience at an all-inclusive resort

I’m back to share my experiences as a first time guest at an all-inclusive resort.

We stayed 6 nights in Cancun in April at the Grand Oasis Pyramid, with the all-inclusive package purchased in January through It included hotel and round-trip flight.

First, I’m not high maintenance when it comes to hotels. If it is safe, clean, comfortable… and cheap- it’s mine!  I don’t care about all the fancy things. Second, I’ve never been on a cruise either.

Here are some of my biggest tips:

Read the reviews- from multiple websites. Read the descriptions from DIFFERENT websites OF THE SAME resort.  Sort by most recent. Read about other resorts to find differences between them and if the differences matter to you.

What does it actually include? Just breakfast? Unlimited food?  Check the number of restaurants offered…. and across different sites, compare to the hotel itself.  Some resorts have multiple levels of access to restaurants.  At our resort, we had access to ALL restaurants. There were 3 levels: Pyramid, Grand, and regular. Once I figured out that, we tried to go to as many Pyramid level restaurants as possible. They would be less busy and had the highest level of service/quality.  You could tell a little bit. More on that later. What beverages and drinks does it include? Any?

Does your package include tax? Tip/Gratuity?  I don’t know if it’s standard for the packages to include gratuity, but once I saw it listed on one package, I knew I wanted to make sure that the package I booked included it. That meant that essentially you would not have to pay for anything once you got to the resort. We did read reviews about giving a few dollars if you frequented the same bar/bartender for better service and drinks… and also we had superb service service times and wanted to tip! Bring 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s for this!  And US dollars for Cancun.


I’ll be back later to talk more about Cancun and the resort we stayed at.



  1. I sure am ready to hear all about your trip! Pam, Patsy & I visited Cancun (I think) & I loved it!! Bought several pieces of sterling jewelry etc.
    Hurry & let us know soon for more of your trip!!


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