Papa Razzi Metro: Be Italian

A few weeks ago, I went to the newly redesigned Papa Razzi Metro in Burlington!

Here’s a view of the front open area. I love the colors and textures. Untitled// gathered in the bar area and snacked on a selection of appetizers, while our table was being prepared. I had been to the previous restaurant, approximately 4 years ago on a business lunch. It didn’t stand out in my mind, but this visit was memorable! Untitled//

Here was their cocktail menu and they highlighted the Negroni and Aperol Spritzer.

I think the Negroni is featured below. Untitled

Here was a crostini board and spreads. It featured focaccia, white bean, smoked fish, beef tartar, chickpea, and mortadella spreads. Untitled//

Enjoying more appetizers before our main entrees arrived.


We split the tomato mozzarella wood fired pizza. It was so good. It was one of the best pizzas I’ve had in a long time.  Even Tony, who is picky about pizza, loved it!


I ordered the lobster tortellini- rich and buttery.


Tony, the true Italian, ordered the chicken parm! Untitled//

I asked about the pizza because it was so good. We learned that the dough goes through a 12-15 hour fermentation process. This pizza oven cooks the pizza in 90 seconds. Crazy, huh?!?! Also, did you know that a restaurant can get a certified in making Neapolitan pizza?!


Dessert. I had to be quick with the camera.  They served pistachio gelato and chocolate cake. The gelato was made in house and they also serve passion fruit mango and raspberry.


// reached in from all directions to try the cake and gelato.Untitled//

Another memorable moment- the Sbrisolona. A dessert was brought out and then it was hit and shattered! It was a popular dessert among peasant families in 16th century Northern Italian. It was made of cornmeal, hazelnuts and lard, instead of butter. It’s a traditional dessert, although the ingredients have changed over time. It is broken into pieces and then eaten with your hands.


And more dessert. A donut with sugar and sauce!


We also had lemoncello and another Italian-style liqueur, but instead of lemons, the liqueur is made with fresh figs. We talked to Corey, the Regional Director of Operations about how they made it. It was great to chat.


I didn’t get a picture of our hosts for the night (Corey and Kevin), but I snagged this photo from Instragram. It was so great to talk to them for such a long time. We heard stories about the journey to transform Metro and also what they envision it becoming.


Thanks Papa Razzi Metro for hosting us. I’ll see you again soon!

-This meal was provided free of charge, but these are my own opinions offered.


  1. WOW!!! Appetizers, main courses and lots of desserts!!!! My kind of food!!!
    (I’m glad I wasn’t there since I would have sampled lots of the desserts!)
    Glad Tony was able to go too!
    lots of hugs,


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