Boston Harbor Boat Cruise

Ever wanted to charter a boat in the Boston Harbor or take a Sunset Cruise?  Check out Karma Crew Yacht Charters.

A few weeks ago, Jodi and I took a Boston Harbor Sunset cruise with the Karma Crew.

Karma Crew does Private Charters for events like birthdays, weddings, corporate parties and also has cruises such as a Saturday Morning G’Day Mate Coffee Cruise and a Sunday evening Oyster and Craft Brew Cruise.


The Full Moon is the name of the boat. It can hold up to 48 passengers. Untitled//

There are several areas, including this part that is covered but open and the host has a cash bar set up. Untitled//

Across from the Bar area Untitled//

Our cruise lasted around 90 minutes. Here is the sun was starting to set.

The stairs leading to the back end of the boat. Jodi and I sat back here the last half of the cruise.


There is also more indoor seating with lots of views.

The Full Moon also has a kitchen, a few bunks, and a small bathroom.

Here are a few of my favorite views during the cruise. I took tons of pictures. 

Here’s the Financial District and Custom House Tower Untitled//

The Zakim Bridge over the Charles River

The Boston Skyline from the Harbor side Untitled//

One of the Tall Ships that was in town that weekend, all lit up.

Have out of town guests or want to celebrate that special event? I recommend contacting them via their website or by calling 617-982-2767.

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