Life Lately

I wanted to try out a new way to post things, straight from twitter. Here we go!

On Friday night, I had dinner with an old co-worker and then we went on a Boston photo shoot in the dark!

Nope, didn’t work.  I’ll embed from Flickr instead.

The swan boats in the lagoon.

Untitled// Garden in Boston Untitled//

The little bridge (I couldn’t find it’s name) was the world’s shortest suspension bridge before being redone and converted.

I’ve gotten back into running, as I’ve signed up for the Tufts 10K for Women on October 12th. I started training two weeks ago and the race is 4 weeks from tomorrow.

Fall is finally here. Sweatshirt and jeans weather. Pumpkin beer and apples and soups! My favorite time of the year!



  1. Erica,
    That tickled me. Fall is finally here. It was just summer here. I like fall, but I am not ready for sweatshirts & jeans yet. Although pumpkin pie & chili sound good. Have a great week. Thanks as always for the great posts & pictures.


  2. Loved the Swan boats!!! and the Bridge in the evening!!! and the black & white bridge–very clear!!!!
    You take FANTASTIC photos!!!!!
    Fall is definitely coming here too. Pumpkin pie already!!
    Take care, lots of hugs & love,


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