Not Your Average Joes

A few weeks ago, I got to visit the newest Not Your Average Joes (NYAJ) location in Waltham. It opened in late August. Our local NYAJ location is in Watertown, so it was fun to visit another location. They have over 24 locations along the East Coast.


As the other diner arrived, we gathered in the huge bar area, with the counter top which had fossils in it, very cool!


It was a cold and rainy night, but we wanted to look at the outside patio. It can accommodate 50 diners and includes an awesome fire pit. It was really neat. Pictured below is Chef Jeff Tenner who dined with us.

We dined mainly from their Fall menu (with some classics like the mustard-crusted chicken), but they just announced their winter menu, so check it out.  NYAJ is one of my favorite restaurants because their dishes are made-from-scratch, is affordable, and their service is fantastic. We got a tour of the restaurant and we also were one of the last tables on weeknight, so I was able to take pictures without disturbing others after our meal.


Here’s a wide angle of the bar.

We also got a tour of the kitchen, yes, the kitchen, prep kitchen, and also the walk-in freezer.


We also got to see their pizza oven.IMG_1724//

One of my favorite things about NYAJ’s is the onion focaccia bread made from fermented dough. And then the grated romano cheese dipped in canola oil.


We shared lots of appetizers, including these the mango shrimp rolls (left) and deviled eggs (right) topped with crushed potato chips. I loved the shrimp rolls dipped in the peanut sauce. IMG_1739//

I didn’t try the butternut squash flatbread but it also included pesto, brussel sprouts, caramelized onions, smoked mozzarella and balsamic reduction.

Another favorite was the buffalo caribbean chicken tenders. The sauce had a little kick to it!


Here’s one end of the table and Jeff explaining the dishes as they came out.

My absolute favorite of the night was spaghetti squash bolognese. I was apprehensive about trying it because I love the classic so much. This version was made with mushrooms, roasted spaghetti squash, and sauteed spinach- so good!


The Super Crunch Salad was pretty cool. It had grilled chicken, quinoa, green apples, pistachios, avocado, spinach, mint, and cilantro with a orange-sesame dressing. If you want a salad, order this!

I didn’t try the rosemary skewered scallops over couscous, but it looked so good. IMG_1750//

I also loved the roasted chicken with house-made butternut squash ricotta cannelloni.

The desserts came and the cameras came back out!


First up was the goji berry apple crisp served with vanilla ice cream.

The carrot cake was naturally gluten free! IMG_1761//

I feel like the peanut butter thing stole the show though. It is Joe’s claim to fame and has peanut butter and chocolate chunks folded into vanilla ice cream with oreo crumbs, whipped cream, covered with hot chocolate and caramel sauces.
IMG_1760// loved the decor, especially the blue seating. IMG_1766

Thanks for NYAJ’s Waltham location for a fantastic event.

Note: I received my meal for free but these are my opinions.



  1. OH MY GOSH, I just gained 5 pounds reading your blog. Your food photography is amazing! But seriously, the buffalo chicken, the scallops, the peanut butter dessert…I WANT IT ALL! YUMMY, E! I wish you blogged more. With two little kids we don’t go out to eat much beyond Chik Fil A, so I love reading about your culinary experiences!!


  2. What a restaurant!!!! I’d try all of it anytime!!!! WOW!!!
    One question though, is fermented dough really yeast dough that has raised once or twice? Anyway it looked fabulous! the butternut squash flatbread also looked wonderful. Of course the Super Crunch salad looked great-except for the mint (shame on me-I don’t care for mint). And I love scallops & couscous, yes, it looked wonderful too.


  3. And now I’m to the desserts! I also love apple crisp but I’ve never heard of gojo berries. I’m sure they’re good too. Of course the peanut butter thing stole the show-what’s not to like about peanut butter, chocolate chunks, oreo crumbs, whipped cream covered with hot chocolate & carmel sauce!!! Wow, Wow & Wow!!!!!
    Sorry this is on 2 replies but it wouldn’t let me finish with dessert!!
    lots of love and hugs,


  4. Hi there! Really enjoy your blog and was hoping to reach you via email to ask a few questions. Could you email me at the address I’ve provided? Thank you!


  5. OH WOW! Everything looked so yummy. The presentation is awesome. I would be trying everything. Even things I didn’t think I liked. I also am very hungry now& want some of what I saw., not what I am going to eat. Which is Tomato Dill soup (The Cafe’s recipe) and a grilled cheese sandwich.


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