June Update 


Again, it’s been too long since an update but I’ve been taking pictures in hopes of writing more. 

Spring finally arrived! We’ve been busy working on the yard and garden.  

The previous owners did a wonderful job of landscaping around the patio so we haven’t done anything but weed. 
We bought a cedar pergola 2 weeks ago and Tony got the foundation ready while I was away in New Orleans for Juls’ bachelorette party. When I got back, we assembled it. Nice, huh?  We also picked up a solar light at Samd Club. We also bought 3 rose bushes pictured below from a local landscaping company and we’re still figuring out where to plant them. 

We started seedlings inside and transplanted them in mid-May. We planted some store bought seedlings and I also planted more seeds so we have things in lots of different stages.

We have cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, lettuce, chives, summer squash, basil, spinach, cabbage, peas, and 4 types of peppers. 

Below is the flower bed. I mainly planted flowers suitable for cutting. We are planning a summer wedding in the backyard so we’re hoping to have lots of flowers blooming and have lots of green back there. 

Here are some pictures from New Orleans. 



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