Let’s get this show on the road

Not sure why, but I was just thinking about blogging and that phrase came to mind: “Let’s get this show on the road!”.  And 1 minute later, I am actually blogging…. after resetting my password because it’s been that long.

There is a lot to post about, but I’ll work on my Memorial Day 2016 Weekend, which was a Bachelorette Party for my Juls and I have a decent draft written already!

Other topics coming soon:

Everything that happened from May to Sept.. haha.  Let’s see, more work around the house, trip to NOLA, San Diego… and oh MY WEDDING! And Honeymoon and lots of local things too!

Here’s one wedding picture to hold you over….  I just found out today that my wedding photos are delayed for who knows how long.




    • Well, after 2 weeks beyond the day when I thought they would be ready, I finally get ahold of her after the 3rd communication method/type. She said she was in the hospital after an accident and thought her father got ahold of her clients. Just add that the list of strange things I’ve had happen with her. Thinking back, I should have flown you all up here and had Josh taken pictures!!! It didn’t occur to me until now. Darn!!


    • Thanks!! Also, I love reading your blog, keep going. It’s just hard for me to log in to comment but I will try more often. 🙂 and I will blog more often now that I had my password reset and can from my phone!!


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