My First Trip to New Orleans

Back in May, I went to NOLA for Juls’ bachelorette party. This was my first time to New Orleans and I researched a little bit and also had a list of recommendations from a coworker.


I stayed 4 nights at the Four Points by Sheraton in the French Quarter ON Bourbon Street.I arrived on a Wednesday, while most people arrived Friday. I left Sunday morning, while most people stayed until Mon or Tuesday. It was a fun time, we weren’t too wild!

Let’s see….. Transportation options from the airport. The airport shuttle was around $25 a person, and takes FOREVER. I recommend splitting a cab with 1 or 2 other people. If it’s a single or double, I think it was $34 total. If it’s 3+, it’s $15 per person. I talked to 2 ladies behind me in the taxi stand and asked if they were going to the French Quarter. RIDE SHARED!

I got there several hours before anyone else. Looking back, I was soooo glad I came early. Each day, more and more guests arrived so it grew over time. I think at the peak, there were 20 of us.  I had Juls almost to myself Wednesday evening and Thursday!!! Ha Ha HA:)


I arrived before lunch time on a Wednesday. I did some window shopping but also stopped in a new touristy shops and also clothing stores. I was wedding dress shopping at the time.

At “Trashy Diva” on Royal Street, I tried on a few dresses that were vintage inspired. I really liked the “Liz” dress in antique white.NOLA

I was getting hungry so my first meal…..

I had Lunch at Coop’s Place. I had the jambalaya, highly recommended from my coworker and I loved it. NOLA

I walked around a few more hours, just up and down different streets. I loved the balconies, the ferns, the flags, the horses… just beautiful!

I was able to check into the hotel by then, so I checked it out and then ventured out again. I stopped for a snack at Napoleon House at 500 Chartres Street.  This restaurant/bar was featured in a magazine that I read about a month before the trip, too funny!NOLA This was a pretty cool place. I wish I had gotten more pictures, but here are a few: NOLA


After much deliberation, I got the meatball po-boy sandwich ($7.75) and Pimm’s Ginger Julep (Pimms No. 1, soda, mint syrup, and ginger beer $8.00). NOLA

Knowing that I know now, I SHOULD have gotten the muffuletta- don’t ask me how to pronounce it! I tried the muffuletta at a few places later in my trip, but it’s a famous type of New Orleans sandwich. It has several types of cured meats and cheese, has a tangy olive salad dressing on an Italian loaf.

It was back to the hotel for a nap, seriously! I met up with Juls and we had dinner at Pierre Masperos.

That’s an order of chicken and waffles ($14) , rice and beans (I think), and cheese grits ($4). Nola

And to bed!! I think. END of Day 1. Whew! Looking back, that was an awesome day.


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