Breakfast, Mardi Gras World, Day 2 in NOLA

After a long and exciting first day in New Orleans, I didn’t pack as much in on Thursday. But, we girls still managed to have a lot of fun and ate lots of food.


Juls had a business meeting in the morning, so I went out by myself to Camellia Grill at 536 Chartres Street in the FQ (French Quarter).  They have other locations as well. Nola

It seems like an old fashioned diner. They had 2 Large U-shaped counters. I got 2 eggs ($3.69), grits ($0.99), and a coffee ($1.99). The server said “Hey, baby.” Later, I learned that is a term of endearment that means “Hi, how are you, isn’t it a lovely day, and a wonderful place that we live in?” Yep, all of that in a simple Hey baby! Nola

They have egg, grits, hash browns, omelettes, waffles, pancakes, and a full lunch menu.

This was our hotel at 8:30am. I’ll have to see if I can find a comparison of 8:30pm. I may have been to nervous and cautious to pull out my phone in the evening because so many people are on the street walking.. or trying to walk.


Next, the 3 of us went to Blaine Kern’s Mardi Gras World on the Riverfront, next to the Convention Center. They also offer free hotel shuttle service. We first went on a private tour to see their event space and then went on a public tour (Adult Admission $20/ Child $13) and saw the studios where they create the figures for the floats and then walked through the gallery and warehouse. Very cool. I took a ton of pictures! Nola

A few of the parade floats
Nola Nola

They take Styrofoam and then cover it was paper mache.

Nola Nola

Then the artists paint them.

I think they also make the Chik-fil-A cows. Nola


We had Lunch at Butcher at 930 Tchoupitoulas Street. It’s mainly a sandwich shop with a butcher area and wine bar. They specialize in house-made meats and sausages. Nola

Nola Most sandwiches are $10-$12. I tried the Cochon Muffaletta with House Meats and Olive Salad ($12). It was delicious!Nola

Juls had the BBQ Pork sandwich and you can see the Mac & Cheese in the background.

New Belgium, one of my favorite brewers- Not available in MA….. yet!


Next, Juls and I got a tour of the brand new Ace Hotel.

It was a cute, boutique hotel. With a roof top pool!
Nola Juls and I walked back to our hotel, with a pit stop at McD’s for sweet tea. And then it was finally pool time!

More people finally joined us!!! B & N Untitled

Decorating and stocking the bar began!
Untitled And we walked around and found a place for dinner. We made it to the Old Coffee Pot restaurant on Saint Peter Street. Here was a chicken dish with shrimp, green beans, rice. Untitled

We walked around to find some music and found 2 places.

Later, we walked to a different part of town to Frenchmen St and ran into some of the musicians from the previous place, too funny! Untitled

All on a Thursday!! Day 2 of 4 in NOLA! Maybe this was just as busy as Day 1!!



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