Ruby Slipper, Carousel Bar, Bachelorette Party

Here’s day 4 of my first trip to New Orleans.

I just realized the time on the iPhone screenshot, yes, 4am! hahah!

I’m in the front left. Not too many pictures of me on this trip besides this one and selfies!


The day started with Brunch at Ruby Slipper Cafe on Canal Street. Over an hour wait for 2 parties of 6.  Untitled

M&D with their group tank on!   #cheersb*tchesUntitled

I got the egg cochon and Juls got the french batons. Untitled

My dish! Untitled

We started to head back towards the hotel and wanted to stop at a famous bar inside another hotel. Untitled

Another view of the carousel bar. Untitled

It started to rain, so we started in the lobby and played a game. Untitled And more fun! Untitled It was a huge downpour and the road flooded! Untitled

Finally we were able to leave. And there was a wedding party dancing down the street. Untitled

Here’s a video:


Bourbon Street after the rain. Untitled

A few of us wanted to check out a bar that was on TV (Bar Rescue) Untitled

They are famous for their blue drink and flashing skull mug.

We went for a walk near the River. Untitled

On the way back to the hotel, we saw a small parade of people with big beads!

We’re finally got ready up for the bachlorette dinner!

Group shot! Untitled

The star of the show- Juls!

View from the balcony on Bourbon Street.

Striking a pose…. trying not to be afraid of heights on the balcony. Untitled

A few pictures from the roast
Untitled Untitled

I left New Orleans the next day and didn’t see any more pictures, so that’s the end of this unforgettable trip to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of Juls and John. #jtand#juls

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3


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