Week 20: Pregnancy 

I’m currently watching Netflix reclined on the couch having hot chocolate and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, ha!

We’ve made it to the halfway point, 20 weeks!


Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve noticed and felt a lot of changes. You can really tell I’m pregnant, not just pudgy! And since last week, I can feel the baby move and Tony has felt them (there’s just one) several times. Sometimes it’s a little flutter but sometimes I can even see movement. Crazy! I’m sure this is nothing to the movement in the coming months. We did read that later on, that every day we could do counts over an hour to make sure movements continue.

I did some shopping today at Target, for diapers and wipes! I got the Red Debit card for 5% off earlier this week. I combined with a special to get $25 gift card, lots of coupons, and an $2 app cash back! I also signed up for the Target Baby Registry a few weeks ago and they send you a welcome email. Then you take that email to any store for a welcome kit (as long as they have it in stock, I had to visit 2).  Here’s what I got.


I also received the free Amazon Baby Registry welcome box. I forgot to take a picture but mainly had a few samples, a toy and a swaddle cloth. Well worth the effort of creating a registry and making a $10 purchase.

I’ve also noticed that it’s getting more difficult to lift my legs, so getting dressed is getting more difficult!


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