Highs and Lows this week


Here are some highs and lows of the week (also nearing week 22 of my pregnancy).


Granted, we are in New England, but I still can’t get used to getting 2 inches of snow 1 day… and then 2 days later about 5 inches… and then 3 days later 8 more inches.
Luckily, I can work from home, so there’s no need to for me to get outside.


I did get to use my snow pants… and they (barely) still fit!


Another LOW: I had a cold earlier this week. Ugh! I hardly ever get sick, but my immune system is on overdrive. Again, luckily I can work from home and rested on the couch while conducting meetings, listening in to conference calls and getting stuff done. I only drove into work one day this week.

Above is my Fitbit sleep tracker for 1 of the 3 nights that I didn’t sleep much. I would go to sleep easily, but then wake up 2-3 hours later. Then the rest of the night, it would take 45 minutes to get back to sleep only to take up 30 minutes later. Uggh. I got a taste of what having a newborn is probably like, without the cuteness of having the actual baby to hold. I’m back to getting 7 hours of sleep, so that’s good!

Now to the HIGHs:
I got a new phone last weekend… and I ordered myself a selfie stick so I could take more pictures! We left Verizon wireless and signed up for Google Fi. After a week, I would recommend it. The pricing is easy and seems reasonable compared to everyone else, especially for our type of usage. It’s $20 a month for unlimited talk and text, then you pick how much data you think you might need. That’s $10 per 1GB. At the end of the month, they calculate how much you ended up using and either refund the difference or add more. You can also save $5 by combining plans. Let me know if you have any other questions. Here’s a referral link to save $20 if you sign up. I also get $20.

Yup, getting bigger. And yup, that’s a swing/bouncer in the background. We got it last month from Target for 50% off and I wanted to put it together to make sure all the pieces were in the box. And now, a week, later, it’s still in living room, ha!

Tony has started playing music for the baby… and writing some songs.

I ordered a rug!!! Well, a 2nd rug actually. The first one ended up being backordered and then cancelled, but I think I like this one even more.

(referral link)

I’ve got more things to share…. but I’ll be back soon!


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