Cafe M and Pralines in Savannah Georgia

We spent the first afternoon of our babymoon (yes, that’s a term now) vacation in Savannah, Georgia.

Savannah GA

A few notes:

  • A baby moon is the “last trip” alone for the couple before the baby arrives.
  • We went when I was 23 weeks, so in the 2nd trimester. I recommend going before you reach your 3rd trimester. I was still comfortable and able to walk around.
  • We booked our trip in early Jan for a late Feb trip. We knew we wanted to go somewhere (a) warm, (b) cheap, (c) free of the zika virus, (d) US because I haven’t updated my passport yet, (e) quick flight, and (f) somewhere I haven’t been before.

We ended up with a Jet Blue Vacation package with it was a great deal. It included the flights (and first bag checked free) and hotel, and it was over 50% off. It was a much nicer hotel than we probably would have stayed at if I was just booking the hotel itself. Back to the trip, we booked a car rental the week before and I opted for the “manager’s special” which guaranteed something larger than the economy… guess what we got? A MINIVAN! HAHA, how appropriate for our babymoon?!?!  Hilarious, Tony was a trooper and excellent parker, so we were in good hands.

I had scoped out a few public parking garages, but they were all full, but here is a list of the public garages that had decent prices. We circled around a few times and finalllllllly found a spot! We ventured out and walked through some of the great landscaped squares! My favorite part of Savannah. Savannah GA

I had bookmarked a few places on TripAdvisor for sightseeing and eating during my research the week before leaving. We ended up have a late lunch at one of those places, Café M.

Savannah GA

It was perfect! They had savory sandwiches, along with French pastries and macarons. It was like we were in Paris! Savannah GA

We sat outside at a little table. I got the Ham and Swiss Croissant ($7) which came with falafel chips and grapes, along with a decaf iced coffee. The croissant was so good! I meant to take a picture of the middle of the croissant, but that would have required me to put the sandwich down….
Savannah GA

Tony got the Savannah baguette sandwich ($9) which was Chicken Breast Salad, Pecans, Cranberries, Celery & Mixed Greens.

Savannah GA

I recommend stopping by for at least a drink and pastry.
Savannah GA

Here’s the menu:
Savannah GA Savannah GA

Next, we walked along River Street where there were shops and restaurants.
Savannah GA

And as you probably guessed, it’s on the river, the Savannah River.

Savannah GA

One of the highlights of the trip was stopping at River Street Sweets for a praline. The free samples got us!
Savannah GA

It was one of our favorite treats from our trip- pralines, sugar, and butter! We got a regular and dark chocolate to go and slowly ate them over the next few days.

HHI Day 2

We walked quite a bit, probably more than I should have…. because I ended up starting to get a blister. Leave it to me to get injured the first day of vacation. Here’s pregnant me in front of Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.

Savannah GA

We made it to Chippewa Square, which is famous as being the bench and park where Forrest Gump was sitting waiting for the bus.

Savannah GA

It started to rain, so we took shelter and a much needed rest at Six Pence Pub and waited for the rain to stop.

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