Live Music Brunch at Club Passim

We’re back!! The Boston Brunchers group has re-launched as the New England Food Bloggers and I couldn’t be more excited! I was very fortunate to attend the first event and I actually trudged into the city on a Sunday. Since moving away from the city over a year ago, it’s difficult to get me into the city (yes, I consider Cambridge “the city”) but when you mix food, music, and friends… it’s much easier.


Live Music Brunch at Club Passim

Club Passim, located in Cambridge, began a brunch service with live music in February. We were able to join them on March 5th and listened to Bertrand Laurence play guitar.  IMG_20170305_105459

Brunch is served 10am to 2pm on Saturday and Sundays, with live from music 10:15am- 1:15pm. You get both weekend days to visit! Looking at the schedule through April, genres range from jazz to bluegrass to Irish to Scottish.

Now to the food!

Above is the BKK (Bangkok) Street Bread! It was one of the favorites of the day. We met with several folks from the kitchen and they explained that this a snack you’d find from a street vendor in Bangkok Thailand. It’s bread coated with butter and sugar, toasted. YES!!

Below is the Avocado Toast ($6), which was another table favorite. The cherry tomatoes and herbs not only looked beautiful but added much flavor. IMG_20170305_112609

We also shared the Chiang Mai sausage. Another Thai influence, from Northern Thailand. It is made of pork and was spicy but very flavorful from chili paste, lemon grass, and ginger. Here’s the trio, with the sausage on the left.

Here  is a tablemate’s breakfast scramble ($13) with 3 eggs and here are the filling choices: cherry tomato, spinach, scallions, roasted shiitake, avocado ($1 extra), VT bacon, sage turkey sausage, carved ham, cheddar or feta cheese, and also comes with hash browns and toast.


View of the table

After much deliberation. I finally decided on the 3 eggs (scrambled)  with hash browns and griddled English Muffin. But you could get toast or black pepper biscuit instead ($9). If I was not pregnant, I would have ordered the Avocado eggs benedict, so it will have to wait until next time.


I also had a side of fruit. That is one of my favorite pregnancy cravings. I mean I always loved fruit, but now I really want it and am willing to splurge on it now. I liked that it include more than 1 type of berry (straw, black and blue) with the bananas.

They were very accommodating with dietary restrictions and has notes on the menu for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. They also have vegan tofu egg available.

They also have a kids menu ($5-$7) with eggs, French toast, and egg sandwich options.

When they aren’t doing brunch music events, Club Passim is a music venue and you may have heard of that venue and of their non-profit arts organization whose mission is to create an inspiring and interactive music. They are located at 47 Palmer Street in Cambridge, MA.

This brunch was free of charge to NEFB. Read about other bloggers’ experiences at Club Passim. 


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