Loving Chelmsford

Spring is finally here! We are loving our new home in Chelmsford. We’re in a more rural area of town, on the edge of Carlisle with the Cranberry Bogs and Great Brook State Farm less than a mile away! Bicyclists have been zooming by this morning. 

We had maternity photos taken this morning and they seemed to go well. I was running around the house this morning trying to get everything that I thought we might need. From a few changes of outfits to props to example poses I wanted to replicate. I am excited to see what Nancy Dion comes back with. I am hoping to do a Fresh 48 session with her at the hospital if the timing works out. We are scheduled to do a 5-10 day old newborn session with Polina at her studio in Westford. So many pictures for this special little girl! 

Here are some other recent photos. 

Today marks 33 weeks! We start our 5 week child birthing classes tonight! 


One comment

  1. As a mother and soon to be grandmother I’m so amazed at this gift of life you and Tony are experiencing. I so wish I could be there to share your journey but this blog gives me the opportunity. I’m so proud of your accomplishments and the joy of life you two are about to enter. Love this little one already and can’t wait to see future Rizzotto photo’s.


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