Baby R is here


Since it’s July 1, this has motivated me to begin blogging again!

Baby R is here. My labor progressed smoothly at home and she was born on June 12th. The doctors and nurses at Lowell General Hospital were excellent! The preparation we had done during our Hypnobirthing class paid off. I’ll post more on that later!

During labor!

Our first moments together IMG_20170612_162413

Time with Daddy

One of her first pictures

She was born on Monday June 12, and we were released from the hospital on Wednesday.

Other highlights so far. I’ll come back and write more about each later.

Our first visitors, both of our moms who had traveled all day and night to get to the hospital.

She was born with a scab on her cheek, which has since fallen off. But we think she developed it while in the womb by sucking on a finger while the other finger rubbed against her cheek. IMG_9699

Momma time!

Going home. Selfie in the Elevator.

She is going to be 3 weeks old in just a few days. We can’t believe it.


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