There are lots of new words being said around our house these days! Examples are tummy time, flanges, lactation, onesie, and swaddle. 

What’s a swaddle? For baby R, it’s the only way to make sure she gets to sleep and stays that way! 

It’s a way to tightly wrap them up in a blanket so that their arms don’t move and accidentally wake themselves up, which is what she typically does if she isn’t in one.

Here she was this morning after she slept over 4 hours and Mommy slept 5 1/2 hours while Daddy took the night shift. 

This is special blanket/outfit that has velco specially placed to lock their arms in tight.

Here’s another. Thankfully, we have several of them as she outgrows them. 

There are also light muslin blankets that you can fold them in, but I haven’t mastered those yet. 


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