Ruby’s update

We had our first Christmas and she is a doll. She really is a good baby. She is almost 7 months now. Time is flying by. She is taking 3 naps a day, from 30-90 minutes each. She has 3 bottles while at daycare and nurses in the morning and night. From 4-6 months, the middle of the night feeding was dropped but she has been waking up for the last month and seems to need to eat to fall back asleep. I don’t want to create bad habits, so we try a few other things before feeding her. 

She did well traveling on the plane. She ended up sleeping about half of each flight. We flew Southwest and checked the car seat at the curb. We also used the ergo carrier and she normally sleeps well in it if there’s not too much going on. 

We were glad to visit family but glad to be back home and in our own beds. She did ok not being in her crib but a lot of the time, she was just overtired or didn’t want to miss out on the fun, and was diffult to get to sleep. She adjusted fine once home. 

Just in the past week she has gotten better at sitting up! Go Ruby!!

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