Inspiration to blog again


Is this thing on? Sorry for the silence! I have a 10 month old and I work! Just kidding. I have read several blog posts recently that really resonated with me. I have got to write about that! Or atleast share the article or do something! I decided to use my work laptop because I am on it alllll the time.

I was skimming an article on a blog this morning and agreed with a lot of items, so I thought I would link over to it and add my own comments.

Post over at The article is titled 99 Genius Ways to Save Money Series (Part 1).

I’ll pick out a few of my favorites.
2. Save your plastic bags – Ok, most people already do this. But since I have a baby now, we use these grocery bags to line the small waste basket in her room so we make lots of tips to the outside trash. I also use them to collect yucky kitchen waste and go directly outside. I also carry a few in the diaper bag for accidents.

3. Use a points card with you shop- HELLO!! Yes!! We just upgraded our American Express Credit Card to the pay version- yes, totally against my main strategy of saving money, but we ran the numbers (including the $250 sign up bonus) and we will save money. You get 6% cashback on GROCERIES!! So now I look for diaper deals and gift cards at the grocery store. I am also a CVS, Walgreens, Dunkin Donuts loyal reward member!

7. Build meals around what is on sale – Yes, I do this with meat and in season produce!! I need to do more of it!!

14. Skip the soda- Yes, we mainly do. I was never a big soda drinker, so it was easy for me. My husband, not so easy to just cut it out. I’m sure he was buying it individually for lunch and spending a fortune on those small bottles in the cooler, so now I buy it about every other week, when its on sale and it ends up being cheaper than him buying a 20oz bottle for $2, when I can get a 6 package for $3 or less.

18. Air Dry your clothes – I wish I had a cloths line outside, although I doubt I would use it. We’ve talked about it, but never made plans to do it. I am afraid people will steal my stuff (not likely).

20. Diva Cup- nope, sorry. Can’t do it. Anyone use it????

There are more posts to come on this topic and I hope to write more often!

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