Pure Barre West Concord

A started this post 2 years ago but never hit publish. It’s still applicable though!

A few weeks ago, I made it to Pure Barre West Concord for their 1 year celebration. I had been meaning to make there for other events, but it never worked out. I wanted to share some tips and how my experience was there.

First, sign up for their email newsletter (THIS GOES FOR ANY EXERCISE PLACE). This is how you learn about deals, events, and FREE classes. Like and Follow places on Facebook to get updates too! Emails and Social media is how I learn about events of all types.

Second, Pure Barre is expensive. I have never paid full price for a class or package. I have either taken a free class, open house weekend (free class), new client package, or a discounted package. The only way to know about these discounts is to sign up for emails or follow on social media, so do it!  🙂

I haven’t been back to Pure Barre West Concord since my visit 2 years ago. It’s just a little far away, but like all Pure Barre locations, they are managed very well.

Pure Barre west Concord

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