Recap of our renovation and addition with ALC Design

I wanted to begin blogging about our renovation and addition project. This is a recap, but my plan is come back and post about the progress and write in detail about certain steps and decision points.


Current Status of a today- Early October. We are awaiting final inspection and fire department inspection. The town was supposed to come yesterday but never showed up. They already came last week, but failed because the downstairs bedroom didn’t have a smoke/carbon dioxide detector close enough to the room. We are also getting some custom carpentry work done for some storage and benches. Tony and I are planning on adding a tile back-splash in the kitchen next month. We also have painting touch-up work just about in every room.

Recap of entire project (timelines may be a little off):
Early last winter is when we began the process with ALC Design by having them come to our house for a free in-home consult. They are out of New Hamphsire, but do work in MA as well. We wanted to add a bathroom and bedroom, along with a complete kitchen renovation. We also needed to reside the entire house with vinyl. After discussing our must-haves and nice-to-haves, along with a price range, we decided to proceed and provided them with a design fee, which is based on the size of the project.

In March, we got the conceptual presentation with 3D renderings and a binder of our project. There were a few things that we had to still decide. Mainly, it was around the location of the laundry room. We had wanted to move it upstairs, but we would have to do a stackable and it would be right next to the bedroom and may make the closet a little smaller. I think that was main decision besides cabinet colors and styles.

Our original start date was May/June. Ultimately, we didn’t start until the first week of July.


I think that picture was taken 3 weeks in.

The main part of the project took 12 weeks, with 10 of those weeks having no kitchen! It was rough but we had help cooking, cleaning, and grilling from Tony’s mom who was staying with us in their motor-home outside.

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