This is a blog that I started back in ….. 2011. I always have to think back to determine the year. I moved from Louisville, KY to Boston, MA for the duration of what I thought would be a year. This blog is a way for family and friends to keep with up the adventure and to hopefully show others what it’s like to be Boston Rookie.


That was almost 6 years ago now…. and I’m still here. So that’s the story of how the name of this blog came to be. I’ve thought about changing the name, since I’m no longer a “rookie” and I’ve never actually lived in Boston proper. Oh well! It will stay for now. I gave up the management of the domain but reserved the wordpress account.

Going back to the name and purpose of my blog… I want to chronicle my adventures in whatever I happen to be experiencing!

Recent Updates:

2015 Dec – Bought a house in Chelmsford and moved from Belmont

2016 Feb – Got engaged to Tony!

2016 Spring and Summer – Projects to the house, yard, etc

2016 Aug – Tony and I got married in the presence of a small group of friends and family in our back yard. Untitled

2017 June – Our daughter “little R” was born.


  1. When I did a search on antique markets, your site came up! (I live in Brookline.) I hope your enjoying the Bruins championship and get a chance to go to the parade. Boston’s full of adventures for you —


  2. Yeah! I hope you’re liking Boston! I live near Harvard Square. πŸ™‚

    I love your pictures in the header. I’ve been to Montmerancy Falls before! My great-uncle got married there.


  3. Love your blog! I am also a Boston Food Blogger and I love reading other bloggers post πŸ™‚ are you on twitter or facebook? Would love to follow you but can not find you on either.


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