June Update 


Again, it’s been too long since an update but I’ve been taking pictures in hopes of writing more. 

Spring finally arrived! We’ve been busy working on the yard and garden.  

The previous owners did a wonderful job of landscaping around the patio so we haven’t done anything but weed. 
We bought a cedar pergola 2 weeks ago and Tony got the foundation ready while I was away in New Orleans for Juls’ bachelorette party. When I got back, we assembled it. Nice, huh?  We also picked up a solar light at Samd Club. We also bought 3 rose bushes pictured below from a local landscaping company and we’re still figuring out where to plant them. 

We started seedlings inside and transplanted them in mid-May. We planted some store bought seedlings and I also planted more seeds so we have things in lots of different stages.

We have cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, lettuce, chives, summer squash, basil, spinach, cabbage, peas, and 4 types of peppers. 

Below is the flower bed. I mainly planted flowers suitable for cutting. We are planning a summer wedding in the backyard so we’re hoping to have lots of flowers blooming and have lots of green back there. 

Here are some pictures from New Orleans. 


Winter’s Over

Winter’s over!  Yay!  I found some pictures from over the past 2 months at the new house.

This captures a lot. My “front” window that I decorate with the seasons because we don’t have a mantel. I’ve done a Christmas one, winter (the one pictured below), and I just did the spring one last week. It also has the new truck in it!
Untitled Here’s the little tree to the left of the house. Untitled

Here’s from the front yard, into the street. Untitled

The right side of the back yard with the shed. Untitled

Hopefully the cold weather is behind us for this year!  It was much better than last year, but still!


Not Your Average Joes

A few weeks ago, I got to visit the newest Not Your Average Joes (NYAJ) location in Waltham. It opened in late August. Our local NYAJ location is in Watertown, so it was fun to visit another location. They have over 24 locations along the East Coast.


As the other diner arrived, we gathered in the huge bar area, with the counter top which had fossils in it, very cool!
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Progressive Dinner at Bel Ari and Les Zygomates

A few weeks ago, the Blog and Tweet group was invited to a progressive dinner featuring Bel Ari and Les Zygomates, both in the Leather District of Boston.

#bosblogger//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsGreat Italian restaurants don’t have to be in the North End! Bel Ari is modern Italian and I loved it. The space was gorgeous and we had a private dining room.

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Life Lately

I wanted to try out a new way to post things, straight from twitter. Here we go!

On Friday night, I had dinner with an old co-worker and then we went on a Boston photo shoot in the dark!

Nope, didn’t work.  I’ll embed from Flickr instead.

The swan boats in the lagoon.

Untitled//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsPublic Garden in Boston Untitled//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

The little bridge (I couldn’t find it’s name) was the world’s shortest suspension bridge before being redone and converted.

I’ve gotten back into running, as I’ve signed up for the Tufts 10K for Women on October 12th. I started training two weeks ago and the race is 4 weeks from tomorrow.

Fall is finally here. Sweatshirt and jeans weather. Pumpkin beer and apples and soups! My favorite time of the year!

Terramia Ristorante

Here are few of my favorite pictures from dinner at Terramia Ristorante. Untitled

I went to Terramia a few weeks ago with the Boston Blog and Tweet group and knew most of the bloggers at my end of the table, including Jodi (to the left of me- front right), Janelle (to the right of me), Kerri (across from me), and Adrienne (front left). Lovely group of ladies that I am thankful I know!


I snagged a picture that someone took with Jodi’s phone of us!


Here’s what Terramia looks likes from outside. It’s right on Salem Street in the North End. You’ve probably passed by if you’ve walked down Salem Street. It’s on the left walking into the North End.


Below are the fried zucchini blossoms- amazing!


My other favorite appetizer was the lobster fritters with crispy sweet potatoes on top, over a balsamic honey glaze.


I also enjoyed the caprese salad (fresh buffalo Mozzarella, tomato, and fresh basil).


You can see the inside, which is small and cozy. They say that they specialize in creative interpretations of Italian classics. You won’t find only red sauce dishes here!


They opened in 1993 and have about a dozen and a half tables for 2. It’s very intimate, especially on a Friday or Saturday night. We were there on a Sunday and basically took over half the restaurant.

Jodi ordered the risotto of the day, which included wild mushrooms and asparagus.


I ordered ravioli of the day, which was fig and mascarpone cheese. It was so good. If you ever see it, order it!!  Kerri’s veal chop is in the background.


For dessert, we tried/sampled/split the tiramisu, bread pudding, and flourless chocolate cake. All wonderful. I couldn’t pick a favorite.


They are participating in Dine Out Boston this year, which is August 16-31. They will have a 3 course prix fix dinner menu for $33. Check them out!


Volunteer in Boston with One Brick

Looking for ways to volunteer in Boston?

My work encourages volunteerism, so I have been looking for opportunities recently. I have volunteered several times with One Brick Boston, including a few 5k events in Cambridge.


I love the way that One Brick Boston is set up. They partner and support local non-profit and community organizations and create a unique, social and flexible volunteer environment for people like me. One Brick posts opportunities to volunteer without the requirements of individual long-term commitments. I don’t always know what my schedule looks like months in advance and I can’t commit to the same day each week or month. I like to look at their calendar a few weeks out and pick events to volunteer. From their website:

Our ‘commitment-free volunteering’ allows you to choose when you volunteer, rather than having to make commitments for a certain number of volunteer hours, or agree to be available every week at a specific time.

My first 5K, I worked the bag check and had a fun time working with the other volunteers and runners before and after the race.


Another way to help is to use a special link before making an Amazon.com purchase. Amazon donates 7% of the total sale to One Brick.

In April, I volunteered at the Banned in Boston event. The Governor and other local politicians and media people put on a comedy show.


Before the show, I was stationed with other volunteers to check in people by looking up their name on an iPad app and by giving them different colored wristbands.


Check out One Brick Boston if looking for ways to help out in Boston.